The history of Biocybernetics
  • 1988 – The history of Biocybernetics begins with the foundation of the
    Prof. Dr. W. Martin Ewald – Biocybernetics INC.
  • Biocybernetics quickly becomes international
    – Europe
    – Asia
    – USA
    – Russia (1988)
  • Since 1988 designer Brain Food and production of various formulations and products in this field.
  • In the same year introduction of Guarana in Europe – after a long struggle with the authorities.
  • Also other raw materials were introduced by our company for the first time in the German and European market, e.g. Q10, Theanine, Carnosine, Maca Stevia, Frankincense, Hoodia and many substances more.
  • Guarana and Cooler are registered as trademarks, further products in connection with Guarana follow, e.g. the 1st German drink with 100% Guarana.
  • 1989 Development of the F-Test – a natural contraceptive based on the fern effect
  • 1990 Development of the drink “Cult”, – 1st German energy drink in 0,25 l can,
    without harmful substances , completely on natural basis: water, sugar, guarana seed extract, sugar couleur as natural colorant.
  • In 1990, Biocybernetics’ guarana import exceeds 50 tons for the first time.
    We import directly from the producer in Brazil.
    A supplychain is established in Germany in 12 major cities just for the sale of our guarana products.
  • 1992 Q10 introduction in Germany
    First listing in pharmacies
    Purchase directly from the Japanese producer
    Development of Q10
    Clinical trial
  • 1992 Wildyams as DHEA
    Mexican wild yams are introduced as phytohormones.
    1998 DHEA from wildyams conquers the world
    Competitors turn to cheap Chinese yam powder
  • 1994 Belgian head office founded as a further mainstay to improve the introduction of new raw materials in Germany.
  • 1994 ENIGMA brand with 12 products
  • 1998 Sale of the “Cult” brand
    “Cult” is now one of the major beverage manufacturers in the USA and Asia
  • 1998 Dietary products were developed for television sales
  • 1998 Patent application and granting for algae substances as dietary products
  • 2004 Abandonment of the production facility and sale of the drug approvals
  • 2009 Terra One is the first European functional drink
  • 2010 Tiger Power (natural energy activator and functional drink)
  • In the following years a lot of new brands are created
    AMICA, Bio sanin, ENIGMA, New feeling, Novashape, Perfect Body, Sanashape, Time stop, Vitalshape, Wellnova, Wellshape, Biolicht, Biosunlight, SUNBIOLUX, BIORELAXER, Samadhi-Food, Maraba and many more.


Until today we try to design our products for the benefit of mankind, taking into account ethical and moral aspects. We pay attention to the origin of our resources and the conditions under which they are produced. We pay attention to the origin of our resources and the conditions under which they are produced.

The careful use of natural raw materials and the protection of our natural resources is our highest priority.