Virility Strong

Virility Strong

24 capsules with potency wood Extract, L-Arginine and Tribuls terrestris




Virility Strong Capsules

Virility Strong Capsules

Why you should take Virility Strong

Quality feature #1: Genuine Indonesian Potency Wood Extract

We source our virility wood directly from Indonesia, from a government verified exporter. Our product is subject to strict quality controls and consists of 100 percent pure 1:200 potency wood extract. The extract was obtained exclusively with the water distillation -extraction to achieve an optimal spectrum of action.

Quality feature no. 2: Europe’s highest-dosed product

Virility Strong is the highest dosed 1:200 potency wood product in Europe with a daily distortion recommendation of 500 mg.

Quality feature No. 3: Exclusively 30 year old roots

The older the tree from which the extract is obtained, the stronger the effect of the finished product. Studies have shown that the effect of the potency wood extract, only with trees from an age of 30 years develops its maximum effect. That is why we use only an extract obtained from trees at least 30 years old.

Potency wood extract 1:200, L-Arginine, Hydroxypropylmethyicellulose (vegetable fiber capsule shell), Tribulus Terrestris extract, Guarana extract,Vitamin E50% CWD, Niacinamide, Zonkcluconate.